what is the objective of ISIS/ISIL?

why is isis doing what there doing?

ISIS is placing the horrific videos of innocent citizen which are mostly US. citizens, on the internet and anywhere else where the public will see in hopes of putting obamas administration in a position to conclude all airstrikes in syria. In addition, there main goal is to establish a self-declared caliphate.
Combat Cam: US airstrikes destroy ISIS armed trucks

is isis as bad as everyone thinks?

YES!! They control about 1/3 of Syria and Iraq, with more than 200,000 young arab men under their influence. Their territories are bound to 10-12 million more citizens which is about 1-2 million more fighters they'll have in the next few years. ISIS was able to invest in the use of tanks, heavy artillery and other military hardware from there savings… ( which the earn about 2.2 million dollars a week)
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does isis like the power and attention they are receiving?

yes they do!! the picture above is showing the isis way of bragging. But to others in the world that are watching the horrific things they are doing, its advertising terror to the world.


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