Middle School Principals

January 2020

Time for a Fresh Start

January is a great time to re-establish expectations for both staff and students. Reminding not only students but staff what your expectations are and giving feedback it a great way to start a new year. Correcting habits that have started or that you have noticed can be addressed as a new year reminder.

What are some pesky problems or areas that need to be addressed with your staff?

What are some pesky problems or areas that need to be addressed with your students?

What would your expectations be for your staff? Do they know it? How could you communicate?

What would your expectations be for your students? Do they know it? How could you communicate?

Best Practices in Career Planning for Middle School

  • Adding a Career Goal to the curriculum
  • 7th Grade Match Maker
  • Required class: Everyday Leadership
  • Online electronic portfolio (color coded by grade) 7-12 Plan
  • Marking period elective: indepth with SMART goal, short/long term goal, match maker, what is their interest
  • Working with Career Counselor from the HS
  • Plan is there are ready to go when they enter 8th grade
  • Helping to identify students who may be interested in GCI
  • Kids don't know what a credit is and how many credits they need to graduate
  • Bringing in different adults to talk about careers
  • Interviewing with 8th graders
  • Marking period course in 7th and 8th grade
  • Utilize HS students
  • MS Tour of GCI
  • Community College visits
  • Base Camp with Tour
  • Talent Portfolios-bring in the paper and scan it
  • Introduction to Careers
  • Career Awareness Expo this year and next year

Armstrong Middle School, Kearsley

Armstrong Middle School requires a semester course called Everyday Leadership that integrates the career development lessons and initiate the EDP. Here is the book that they use for some of the leadership activities.


Jane Fonger

Armstrong Middle School

Kearsley Community Schools

Davison Middle School

Josie Paquette
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New Legislative Requirements for Career Exploration

Click HERE for the link to the reference sheet.

Social Studies Revised Standards Update

Michigan Social Studies Standards: A Bird's Eye View Presentation

If you have staff that needs access to my resources stored in Google Drive, have them send me an email (rsovis@geneseisd.org) with the request.

MEMSPA Middle Level Conference

Ligon New Programming for MS and HS

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Each week, Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability provides you with time sensitive, important information on student assessments and accountability. Don’t miss critical information -- Please click the following link for the January 9, 2019 edition of Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability.

Dr. Tammy Pawloski Update and Debrief

Monday is Day 4 for the District Team of Poverty Matters

Strategy #1: Building Relationships

Strategy #2: Reducing Stress

Strategy #3: Increasing Status

Strategy #4: Motivation

  • Your district team should be sharing the information with their staff
  • Using the information, teachers to decide what THEY are going to do in their classroom
  • Teachers should be then writing a plan and collecting data

What initiatives are happening? To what extent are teachers creating plans? Impact?

What is being done? Impact!

Connect BEFORE Content

Carman-Ainsworth Middle School:

  • Dot activity with all students. Each got a roster for all students and put a dot for
  • Know by name and face
  • Know something about the student
  • Know something about academic status
  • Compiled and discussed the results
  • What stands out about it. Dove into the relationships
  • Did poverty simulator
  • Each teacher did an action plan for themselves
  • Revisited them 4 weeks later
  • Using PLC
  • Redid the dot activity and compiling the data


  • Focusing on the relationships
  • Reporting out on the relationships and the successes they are seeing
  • Looking at the decrease in referrals/down to 3
  • Coordinating with the PBIS System
  • Check in/Check out with the frequent fliers (3 students per student) Last hour teacher (seminar teacher)
  • Chose those students who they had relationships with them
  • 2 and 10 using that as well


  • What does a true connection look like
  • Pictures of all of the kids-who do you have a connection with?
  • Then asked the kids if they had a strong connection with teacher
  • "You are my favorite teacher"

Poverty Matters-A Listing of All Strategies

for a complete list of all of the strategies:


Spelling Bee

Dear Principals, Curriculum directors and Spelling Bee Coordinators,

Below you will find links to the 2020 Genesee County Regional County Bee documents.




Melissa and Linda

Professional Development Opportunities

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All Learning is Social & Emotional


March 10, 2020

9:00 - 3:00 p.m.


$165 per person

Teams of 3+ are $145 per person

Visit michiganascd.org to find the location closest to you!

To be invoiced, or if you have any questions, please contact Sara Bishop via email at sbishop@michiganascd.org.

Middle School Science Leaders Meeting

The Middle School Science Leaders Meeting is scheduled for 12/16/19. The registration link is listed below:


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