Create Technology Enhanced Questions for TNReady Assessments

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What is Edulastic?

Edulastic is an Interactive assessment creator that allows you to create TNReady type questions. It will help your students:

*Practice explaining thinking in response to instructional and assessment tasks in writing
* See models and multiple exemplars of extended response answers

*Practice responding to extended response questions on an interactive platform



* Go to and sign up for a student account. (DO NOT use your email address is required). Enter the following class code to join my Demo class: 29D95

*Complete the short practice assessment assigned to that class.

* View the reporting options available for the test you just completed.

Why Edulastic?

Activity One:

*Sign in to your Edulastic teacher account. (We made one at the beginning of the year using your email address.) If you didn't make one then, sign up for one.

*Setup your classes (if not already done in August) -- Take note of the code for each class since students need this to join your class. -- See the "TEACHER SETUP" link below if you need help with this step.

*NOTE: Students have already been imported (using their school username and password) and are a member of my class. Students can join multiple classes by using your class code.


Look for Assessments.

*Search teacher created assessments that are available

*Assign a pre-made test to your class.


Create Your Own Assessment.

*Create an assessment from scratch with varying question types.

*Look at help features below for creating assessments.

*Assign assessment to class.

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