Discover St. Petersburg

The city on the Neva

Coasts of the main river of St. Petersburg have a lot of sights. You won't be able to visit all of them by one excursion so choose any of them and enjoy!

Peter-Pavel's Fortress

If you want to plunge into the history of St. Petersburg there is no better way than to visit the first castle of St. Petersburg. And as a bonus from our company you can visit Peter and Paul Cathedral - the central building , located in the power tower at 123 meters in height.

The Summer Garden

This strange and beautiful park which is located away from the busy streets of the city center is a perfect place for inspiration thanks to a wide variety of white sculptures and statues , nature and architecture. Just sit on one of the many benches and enjoy the sun's rays passing through the tree crown.

The Hermitage

This is one of the largest art museums in the world , which consists of several buildings. Inside the museum , you can encounter hundreds of art exhibitions and cultural attractions , including the Neo-classical and impressionist paintings , antiques , ceramics , sculptures and many other historical and contemporary exhibits. Hermitage Buildings possess breathtaking looks.

The Admiralty

In it's origins it housed the Naval Ministry of the Russian Empire and the main shipyard of the country.
Today it houses the Naval Academy named after FE Dzerzhinsky. On the spire of the building set ship weathervane , which is a symbol of the city . Rumor has it that it represents the first Russian frigate " Eagle" , built in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich , father of Peter the Great.