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September 22 - 26 News

Grandparents' Day Lunch; Highlight of Week

It was hard to tell whether the students or the grandparents were the center of attention at lunch on Friday! Everyone enjoyed the day, teachers included. Students are always so proud to host family visitors in the building. It is gratifying to see them so proud of Austinville.

Fifth Graders Enjoy End of Unit on Solar Day

Surfer "dude" was a popular item at Mrs. Wendy Hamilton's Solar Day this week. Students enjoyed watching his rotating head and covering the solar panel to bring it to a stop. Other activities were solar tea, cooking eggs, and solar car races. Students made notes on the activities to share conclusions in the classroom.

Early Release Allows Parents to Conference with Teachers

Beginning with the first conference at 1:00 pm, teachers and parents met, discussed grades, test scores, and student performance with families until 7:00 pm. Austinville teachers enjoy meeting with parents to share news with them about their child. Teachers stressed the importance of the school compact to each parent. This document explains the shared responsibility of the student's success between students, parents, teachers, and the principal. Teachers discussed students' strengths as well as weaknesses and ways to overcome any deficiencies. Over 317 parent and guardian conferences were held at the school this week. To assist with the fifty-six percent Hispanic population at Austinville, there were eight translators on campus to assist teachers and parents in their discussions. It is our belief that communication is the key to success!

Austinville Kindergarten Visits Gullion Farms

Smiles represent an awesome time by every kindergarten on the field trip to the farm! Students were able to play in the corn, milk a cow and ride a pony. A first for many of our students!

Area Churches Going the Extra Mile in Support of Austinville

For several years, Austinville has been fortunate to have the support of the community's churches. What an excellent role model these members are for the students and a wonderful example of the 7 Habits at work. Austinville plans to highlight all of the community churches and businesses that contribute to the school during the year. As they say, "It takes a village."

This week we are spotlighting Lifebridge Christian, Central Park Baptist, and Ninth Street Methodist.

Mark Your Calendars!

Oct 8 Fall Pictures

Oct 13-14 Fall Holidays - Schools Closed

Parent Survey

Decatur City Schools is in the process of conducting an evaluation of our Title I parental involvement program, and we would like to know what you think. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The responses will be used to improve next year’s parental involvement program.

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