Lester B Pearson

Lester B Pearson is a very inspirational person for me. He was born on April 22 1968 and grew up in Toronto Canada and was the second of three sons of Edwin Pearson and Anne Bowls. He was not religious and came from a long line of Irish people. He had a great education. He tried to learn as much as he could about politics and his mother taught him to be a Liberal. When Lester went to Victoria College at the University of Toronto in 1913 he was only 16 years old. When Canada declared war in 1914 he was to young to fight so he went as a nurse After two years in England, Egypt, and Greece, he was commissioned and transferred eventually to the Royal Flying Corps, but, sustaining some injuries from two accidents, one of them a plane crash, he was escorted home. He received his degree in 1919. , Pearson won a two-year fellowship and enrolled at Oxford University. There he excelled in his study and In 1924 Pearson joined the staff of the History Department of the University of Toronto. Leaving it and academic life in 1928 to accept a position as first secretary in the Canadian Department of External Affairs. Pearson moved forward rapidly. From 1935 to 1941 he served in the office of the High Commissioner for Canada in London; in May, 1941, he was appointed assistant undersecretary of state for External Affairs at Ottawa; in June, 1942, named minister-counselor at the Canadian Legation in Washington. Pearson took over the post of undersecretary of state for External Affairs in the fall of 1946. On lucky year Lester became prime minister of a Liberal government, replacing his retiring leader, Mackenzie King. After a great win in becoming the Prime Minister Lester made tons of great contributions to Canada. Pearson strugeld in his early education but later on he went to a great university and got into his dream job politics. He got laughed at when he tried to replace the Prime Minister. did that stop him? No! that just made him stronger and slowly grew till he could replace the Prime Minister. When life got in his way he just pushed right on through, learned from his mistakes and never gave up. Lester was so amazing if he was alive today I would go vist him but he sadly dided. Lester was a great Canadian icon.
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