Kindergarten News

Mother’s Day Tea

We will be busy this week putting the final touches on our tea party luncheon. This will be a FANCY party, so the kids are welcome to wear dress-up clothes; tea party hats, white gloves, pearls, tie...but please be sure to pack a complete uniform to change into for the afternoon!! Last week, you received a note about a food your child volunteered to bring. If it is a hot dish or needs refrigeration, please bring it with you at 10:30, otherwise you can drop it off in the morning. Thank you!!


Teddy Bear week was super fun for the kids and from the looks of things, it was even more fun for the teddy bears! They LOVED the sleepover!


We are doing a short math unit on measurement this week, while continuing our work with combining sets. The kids will use non-standard units of measure to compare items using the words shorter than, longer than, heavier, lighter to name a few.

Language Arts

This week's reading work is a review of Unit 5. You can help your child with these 8 sight words: make, play, said, good, she, all, he and no. We'll review these letters: Kk, Hh, Ee, Jj, Xx, and Oo.

Next week, we'll start our final unit. We have a few more big books, a few more readables, a few more letters to study and then....WE’RE DONE! Can you believe your child is almost a first grader?!

One of the big projects we’ll be working on finishing before school is out, is our Animal Alphabet book. Each week since September, we have studied one animal that the kids do a mini report on. These pages are compiled into a book to take home at the end of the year. It’s great to see the progress over these 9 months. The kids sometimes laugh at their artwork from so long ago!

Important Dates

*May 5th--Mother's Day tea, 10:30-11:45--You won't want to miss it!

*May 26th--Pt Defiance Zoo, all day--thank you to our pre-approved chaperones

*June 6th--K MMO--goodbye to 8th grade buddies, 8:30 a.m--come if you can (with tissues)

*June 6th--Artists and Authors fair--come if you can

*June 10th--8th grade buddies graduate! 7pm--come if you can--8th graders LOVE seeing their buddies there

*June 16th--"Wonderful Me" celebration, 2pm--You won't want to miss it!!