Starts up on Monday 1th of June From 9am to 12 pm

Acceptance rules for kindergarten stage in the academic year 2015/2016

The minimum age for admission to kindergarten is 4-year old and the maximum of not more than five years and eleven months and twenty-nine days and age is calculated as of 01.10.2015 and in descending order are arranged from older to younger applicants at that time

: Required documents:

1- Electronic birth certificate + a copy, and a copy of the original birth certificate after reviewing the origin and to be sealed from behind with vaccinations.
-2- A coy of the national ID of the father and the mother and reviewing the origin.
- 3- 6 recent photographs of the child.
-4- A prove of the residential housing with (gas or electricity bill)

Gawad Hosni Experimental Language School

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