How has Technology Affected Us?

Technology that was created in the 90's changed the way we communicate.

Everyone knows that modern technology has affected the different ways that people communicate today. But most of the advancements that completely changed how we speak to each other happened in the 90's. Instead of speaking to each other face to face, people often now choose to communicate through technology.

How Technology has Affected Communication

Everyone knows that with technology came the possibility of social media, and being able to speak to other people online. Instead of people meeting up with each other and speaking face to face, a lot of people turn to social media to connect with friends and family. It's the same concept with cell phones, instead of speaking face to face, you are speaking over a phone call, or sending text messages back and forth. A lot of people think that social media is awful, and if ruining the way we socialize with each other. It may be doing some bad things, but there is a lot of good that has come from it as well. Sometimes you may have a friend or family member who lives very far away from you, and you hardly ever get to see them because of the distance. With social media and cell phones, you are able to talk to anyone, anywhere, no matter where you or the other person is. This makes it easier to contact people that you may not get to speak to often.