Social Networking

By:Scotty Walker

Social Networking is a big issue around the world.

Some sites arent always safe such as: people viewing your profile, and hacking. The people that do this could make you say things that are innapropriate or hurtful. Also some kids that are underage could lie about their age to get into a certain site. 

People you dont know

Some people that you dont know may just become your freind to get personal information out of you. If people are trying to get personal information, saying threats, or saying innapropriate things tell an adult.

Some unsafe sites.

You shouldnt say personal information on your profile you dont know who will see it.


"Make sure your networking is the right networking"

Tell an adult

If someone that you dont know request you to be there friend ask a parent if they know them, or just dont accept they could be a hacker. If someone you do or dont know is saying hurtful or innapropriate things to you, block them, tell an adult, or even get off the site.