Gabriel's Tidbits

Classroom News - August 27, 2013

Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome parents! I am looking forward to our year together. I want to tell you a little about myself. I was a fourth grade teacher in Wisconsin before I had children, and this is my fifth year teaching fourth grade at Lake Murray Elementary School. I have a tenth grade daughter, Olivia, and a seventh grade son, Holden.

I am already enjoying learning about your wonderful children and am so glad you are sharing them with me this year. I know our year together will be fabulous!

In the future, I will have a three separate newsletters. One for students in my science and social studies only (homeroom), one for my ELA and math students, and one for the students who are in my class for all subjects.

ELA News

The next two weeks we will review the genres of fiction, including traditional literature. We will also be using fictional stories to determine the main idea and details of a story. Some details in a story are literal, or right there in the text, and some details are inferred. Your child infers when he/she uses clues from the text and his/her background knowledge to draw meaning from the text.


In math class, we have started the first unit in our new math books. We are reviewing place value to the hundred thousands. Each day your child has math homework, there is a "Homework Helper" section at the top of the page. This reminds your child and helps you see what we learned that day.


In science we are learning about science process skills, or the skills scientists use on a daily basis. Our observation lab yesterday involved students making qualitative observations (those observations using the five senses) and quantitative observations (those using numbers) about various objects (a leaf, sandpaper, lotion, water, etc.). We determined that quantitative observations would be most scientific.

Social Studies

Before plunging into the Ice Age, we are reviewing map skills. This will help students understand where different people came from as they migrated to North America. We have reviewed the seven continents and four oceans, learned about the differences between a map and a globe, learned that a hemisphere is half of a sphere, and learned that the equator is an imaginary line dividing the earth in half east to west and the prime meridian is an imaginary line diving the earth in half north to south,

Contact Information

The best way to contact me is by emailing me at I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. If you need to speak to me on the phone or schedule a time to meet in person, I will be glad to meet your needs.