Women's rights


What's happening?

Many woman worldwide do not get some of the rights of women in America today. Woman in Iran today are putting their safety and freedom on the line to debate on the amount of rights they receive.

Every year pain is inflicted

Many of the Iranian woman are targeted, threatened, imprisoned and even worse murdered in cold blood. All these women want is to have the same rights as men do because we are all human and equal no matter the sex or color of your skin.

Help these brave woman fight

Innocent woman in Iran punished

Bahareh Hedayat was arrested for protesting at a festivle. She was charged with many offenses. All she was doing was putting the word out about woman rights and she was imprisoned.
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Stand up and support womens rights in Iran

Help them

Women around the world are constantly risking their lives to campaign for women rights, especially in Iran. So when ever you can contact some of the leaders of these groups and give them your opinion.