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Battle of the Books

During the week of October 28, we opened the window for team creation for this year's battle! After a frenzied week of sign-ups, we have eight teams (65 students) at the high school level and 11 teams (66 students) at the middle school level! We also have a teacher team at the high school level.

We are really looking forward to our first team meeting on November 12!

Book Fair

Saturday, Nov. 23rd 2013 at 8pm to Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013 at 9pm

2323 Sagamore Parkway South

Lafayette, IN

Need to buy books, movies, or music for the holidays? Need a cheesecake for Thanksgiving? Want to warm up with a warm beverage?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, you should come to the CPHS book fair. Any purchase made with a voucher at any BN will count toward our total; you can also just mention us in the Lafayette store or shop online with our code (11117926). Pick up vouchers in the high school office if you wish!

A portion of all book fair proceeds comes to the library to use to purchase new materials.

Please share this event with your friends!


During the month of November, the library will give students the opportunity to show their thankfulness by writing their thoughts on leaves to hang throughout the room.


Students should receive their Clinton Prairie Writer's Handbook soon. This book contains information that will aid students in the entire process of writing a research paper. It begins with a definition of plagiarism and moves through choosing a topic, finding information, giving credit, organizing information, and writing the essay itself.

In addition to basic information in the chapters, the book also contains several appendices that include visual aids to help students in the process of evaluating web sources, using databases,and citing resources.

Finally, the library website provides helpful links to a variety of sites including search engines, databases, and creation tools.