Jane Goodall

By R. Castle

Early Life

Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934 in London. As a little girl, she loved a toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. Jubilee was a gift from her dad and never got rid of it. The family would go to zoos to see the animals that Jane loved. She wanted to be near them like going to Africa to see them closer. According to “Gale virtual reference library” the family moved to France. Then World War II began and was to dangerous to live there, so the family decided to move back to England. That was a huge set back to there life.

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Jane Goodall graduated high school at age 18 to start gaining money for the trip to Africa. She worked as a secretary and film production. After time went by she finally gained enough money, she went to Africa to complete her dream. The journey lead her to Dr. Leakey a scientist, that encountered her to discover many different facts that people never knew. According to “Pebble go.com” A group in Africa started a camp for scientists to come observe the animals. After a few years at Africa she went back to England for college but soon returned.

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Jane Goodall had a lot of challenges in her life that was very hard to fight for. One of the challenges was World War II and her very own father in the war. Planes were dropping bombs where the family was but luckily they got away in a bomb shelter. After the war, the family divorced. When Jane got older she had to work twenty-four-seven to gain money for Africa. At time it was a struggle to actually live a life instead of work.

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Jane Goodall had a lot of accomplishments in her life as she went on. One of them was Jane studied over 50 years. The most important three accomplishments are “The peace and good treatment of animals”, “The Jane Goodall institute”, and “The United Nations messenger of peace”. When Jane was in Africa, she was one of the first person to discover chimpanzees using tools like humans. People thought only humans could use tools but Jane told them wrong. Out of all the accomplishments there was one that she did the best at and it was never to give up!

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Fun Facts

- Got divorced 1

- Has many books that she wrote herself

-The toy chimpanzee that was named Jubilee is still her in her office

-She is a famous expert in the study in chimpanzee

-She loved chimpanzees even when she was little

-Jane Goodall had one sister her whole life

-Her mother traveled with her when she went to study at different places out f state

-She is still alive to this day( around in the 90s )


Jane Goodall - Life Story


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