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Prepare for Severe Storms

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A total of 73 tornados were reported this weekend causing millions of people to be without power. Much of the nation is bracing for more damage and power outages from these powerful Spring storms. If you are not yet prepared for these storms, it is time to get prepared. There are more tornados predicted and Hurricane season starts in just a few short weeks.

Eton is the leader in preparedness radios and the FRX5 offers everything you need to be informed and stay connected with friends, family and emergency services before, during and after severe storms.

The FRX5 is an AM/FM/NOAA weather band radio that has the ability to fully charge smartphones from its internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has both NOAA weather Alerts as well as S.A.M.E. alerts to let you know when severe weather is coming your way. It has 4 power sources (rechargeable lithium-ion battery, hand crank power, solar power and AAA battery option) to ensure that you are always able to have access to news and information. It also has an ambient light, emergency beacon and LED flashlight. Truly the perfect companion during these types of storms.

This Emergency radio will keep you in the know and connected to news and information as well as friends, family and emergency services by providing power to your smartphone. Get the peace of mind of being prepared, whether it be during a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or the next super-storm.

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