News from Room 4

March 17, 2018

What we will be learning/doing next week:



encourage, friendship, relationship, rely, suggest, behavior, group, plead, soar, vivid, culture, custom, language, skill, similar, agree, argue, accomplish, attempt, goal

- Grammar:

*Verbs - Was and Were

*Grammar: Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

*See and Saw

*Capitalization of Proper Nouns

*Has and Have

- Spelling Words:

mail, chain, play, rain, way, day, string, split, walked, eight, bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny; my, night, or, because, find, night, by, kind, right, my, boat, no, never, should, low, boat, no, row coat, go, better, buy, change, move, me, feed, seat, we, keep, beak, play, rain, give, write

Important Notes:


I really enjoyed meeting with everyone and talking about the amazing growth of your children!

A few things that came up in conferences:

-Play with numbers by; Using Number Pieces, making up math problems, and playing math games with dice, playing cards

-Homework Journals start after spring break and are due each FRIDAY

-Books should and WILL be coming home every Friday IF children bring them back on Friday

-Work on the 5 point retell after books

-Discuss opinions and back it up with facts to help with writing opinion papers

Field Trip

I'm still missing a few field trip forms. Let me know if you need a new form.


FYI: Food is very important for first graders so, we play at recess for 15 minutes then eat at the lunch tables for 10 minutes. The students who forget snacks are asking others for their snacks and students who have snacks say they are still hungry so eating more of the extra snacks. Your child is hungry and is given time to eat so PLEASE send in some healthy snacks they can eat. Thanks to everyone who are sending in healthy snacks.

-Open House

April 5th is open house. Classrooms and Discovery Labs will be open for 2 hours. There will be no distractions like DJ's or snow cones. Your child will be your tour guide sharing their amazing work. Remember this is not a social time, please come to spend time with your child and experience their accomplishments from the year. There will be a food truck to buy dinner.

Spring Enrichment

Spring Enrichment forms are available now. I have attached a copy of the packet and there are copies in the Front office and CDC Room. The deadline to turn in forms is Friday April 6th (Day before Spring Break starts).

Thank you so much and hopefully we can get some more sign ups and have some great classes this Spring. If you have any questions contact our Enrichment Specialist Rylie Shore at (858) 794-7185.

The leprechauns made a mess of Room 4!

They made footprints and left gold.

March 16th-Green Day!

Thanks for sending in the green food! The first graders tried different types of food and enjoyed it! We made necklaces so everyone can wear green today!

Thanks Gwyn!

Gwyn sent in little treats for everyone to celebrate her birthday and St. Patrick's Day.
Big picture

Irish Dancers

Friday Assembly

7 children in room 4 were chosen in the Friday Assembly for earning drops during the week. Joshua's name was chosen in the "Healthy Eating" weekly drawing. To enter next week, visit the front office and answer a question.
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120th Day!

We had a fun filled 120th day of school! We counted our 120 items, played a race to 120 tally math game, found 120 in our 120 chart, created a picture using the number 120, and stacked 120 cups.

Georgia O'Keeffe

We had a great time studying about Georgia O'Keeffe. Thanks for sending in facts about the famous artist. Next week we are moving on to a new artist. Look for new facts!

Upcoming Events:

March 19th-First Grade Teachers at Math Training in Del Mar

April 5th - Open House

April 9th-13th: Spring Break

May 14th at 9:00 - First Grade Performance in the FAB


Christy Campbell