Mission Santa Cruz

By Carissa Mejia

Mission History

Mission Santa Cruz was built in 1791. From the 21 Missions Santa Cruz was the 12th mission. The Ohlone Indians built Santa Cruz and they lived there. The founder of the Mission was Fray Lasuen. August 28, 1791, Fray Lasuen sprinkled holy water on the chosen site named 12th Mission of Santa Cruz. Feburary 27, 1793 cornerstone the permanent church was laid. Heavy rain destroyed part of the church in 1797. 1859, president James Buchanan gave Mission Santa Cruz back to the Catholic Church.

Daily Life at the Mission

The Ohlone Indians and women, men lived at the Mission Santa Cruz. Fray Lasuen was in charge of the Mission Santa Cruz. Men worked as farming, building, black smithing , and make leather goods and tools. Women prepared food, spun thread, wove cloth, and made soap and candles. The crops that were grown was corn, beans, and wheat. The free time was at 7:00 P.M.


Mission Today

Mission Santa Cruz is still open today. You can take field trips at Mission Santa Cruz. On Saturday you can drive, walk or ride a bike to Santa Cruz because it's still open.



Mission Santa Cruz

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