Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements For Police & Fire Service

Police Entry Requirements

Entry requirements can vary depending on which police force you apply for, the simple entry requirements are:

  • To be over 18 years of age - You have to be over 18 years of age because you cannot be to young to join the police service and you are mature and responsible to carry out duties of a police officer.

  • To be a British or Commonwealth citizen - You have to be a British citizen because you have to be British to represent the British police force. Also you can not have someone from abroad serving in the British police force because they may bring danger to other officers if they are terrorists. Or be living in the United Kingdom for 3 or more years.

  • Pass background & security checks - You have to pass background checks because you can not have a criminal record to work for the police. If you do you will be rejected. The security checks include clearance checks and financial vetting. Also a background check to see if you can work as a police officer.

  • You also have to pass medical & fitness tests - You have to pass both these tests to make sure you are fit enough to join the police force so you can chase down criminals if you need too and will not get tired or slow down. If you fail the fitness test the first time you can do it again up to 3 times until you pass after the third time and you still haven't passed it you will be rejected and give guidance on how to improve you health & fitness. This includes:
  • Bleep Test - Achieve over 5.6.
  • Push & Pull test - Push and pull a weight of 35kg.

  • You will have to pass written assessments - You have to pass assessments to make sure you have the right level of education and have the right skills for the job.

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Fire Service Entry Requirements

  • There are many different physical tests such as:

  1. Ladder Climb - This is a test of confidence whilst working at high heights. The candidate will have to do a vary of activities while on the ladder to check the confidence him or her have on a 13.5m ladder.
  2. Casualty Evacuation - This is a test of lower and upper body strength. You will be required to life a 55kg casualty walking backwards around a 30m course. This tests whether you'll be stronger enough to save someone from a burning building.
  3. Ladder Lift/ Lower Simulation - This is another test of strength, to see if you are able to lift the ladder.
  4. Equipment Assembly - This is when you assemble the equipment as quickly as possible and then put it away as well.
  5. Equipment Carry - This is when you carry the equipment and see if you are able to carry the weight and still do the tasks required which carrying all of the equipment this is vital because you have to see whether you can or can not carry the equipment.

  • There are also medical examinations - The medical examinations include hearing and step test and also lung function test and a chest x-ray. This is important because you cannot have any lung problems because you will be dealing with smoke in a lot occasions.

  • Also eyesight requirements - Eyesight tests need to be passed so you know if you are able to see what you are doing and if you have the correct eyesight for the fire service. If you do not have the correct levels it could put lives at danger.

  • Also have to pass psychological tests - These tests include passing a test with numbers and also writing tests to see if you can write reports. Also some problem solving tests as well to see how they handle it.

  • The age limit for the fire service is 18 years or older - The age limit is 18 because that is the responsible age for a fire fighter and also up to the right physical state.

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