Heavenly Hats (Global)

Anthony Leanna

What Anthony Leanna did to help the community

Heavenly Hats helps the community by donating brand new hats to people with cancer who have lost their hair all over the world.They donated about 1,500,000 hats to people with cancer.I got this information at http://www.heavenlyhats.com

How Did it Help the people with cancer

It helps people who lost their hair feel self-assured.they also feel confident in themselves and happy.It also makes them look normal so other people don't make fun of them.I got this information at http://www.heaveanlyhats.com

Background Information on Anthony Leanna

Deeann Leanna is Anthony's mother.His favorite sport is football.He's a huge fan of the packers.He likes boating,sience,television prouduction,and photography.Today he is a national coast gard.Click this link to go to the website I got my information from. http://www.heavenlyhats.com/heavenlyhats/about+heavenly+hats/default.asp

What Can I do to Help the community

This is how I can help the community.I can raise money for Jump Rope for Heart,and I can pick up trash.I can also be kind to other people.I can do walks like the MS Walk,Heart Run,and Preva Run.I'm doing these things to make the world a better place.