Where The Red Fern Grows

By: Karla Garcia


Setting Definiton: Describes when and where the story takes place.

"Our home was in the beautiful valley far back in the rugged Ozarks. " It lay in a strip from the foothills of the mountains to the banks of the Illinois River in northeastern Oklahoma." "The land was rich, black, and fertile."Behind our house you could see miles and miles of the mighty Ozarks. In the spring the aromatic scent of wildflower, redbuds, papaws, and dogwoods drifting on the wind currents, spread over the valley and around our home."(Pg.31)

In the quotes above it says the setting is in the Mighty Ozarks at the banks of Illinois River, Northeastern Oklahoma, it is in the spring many different smells of different flowers, fertile land, and a beautiful view of Ozark.


Internal Conflict Definition: The struggle or problem that takes place inside a character.

"It was the same old story. Good hounds cost money, and they just didn't have it. My dog- wanting became so bad I began to lose weght and my food didn't taste good anymore."(Pg.34)

Billy has an internal conflict which is that he wants a dog, but because of money he can't get one, or two dogs. Billy had wanted one so bad he started suffering from not regular "dog-wanting" but Coonhound dog-wanting.

Cause and effect

Cause Definition: Is what makes something happen.

Effect Definition: Is what happens because of something else.

"On the back pages of the magazine, i came to the "For sale" section-"Dogs for sale"- every kind of dogs." "I found an ad that took my breath away. In small it read: "Registered redbone coon hound pups-twentyfive dollars each."(Pg.54)

"How wonderful would it be if I could have two of those pups." "I took the magazine from my pocket again and I read the ad. Slowly a plan began to form. I'd save the money."(Pg.58)

Billy found a magazine were fishermen used to camp at and he found a sale magazine, he read it and it said pups for sale he saw the dogs he wanted and started planning how to get the pups which is the cause. The effect is that he would save money so he could the pups.


Foreshawdowing Definition: The author gives you hints to whats going to happen in the future.

"The screams of a big cat and the deep bellowing voices of my dogs echoed through the mountains as if the demons of hell had been turned loose. Down the side of the mountain the terrible fight went on, down to the very bottom of the canyon."(Pg.619)

Billy was getting an idea of what was about to happen next after the barking and growling of the cat and dogs, a terrible fight was going to happen between them and one or both of his hound were going to get hurt badly or something was going to happen to the big cat.