What does a child do when they are playing sports?

When a child plays sports they learn how to work with others and they learn good sportsmanship. When children learn to play with others they are talking and sharing with team members and are learning how to work with not just one other person but a entire group. They learn how to discuss options they have, such as one example being what they think of a certain game plan. They learn good sportsmanship by after a game shaking hands with the other team and telling them good job or good game.

Structured activities and Benefits

Playing sports is a structured activity and has many benefits. Sports is a structred activity because you follow by times, such as what time to go to practice or what time your games are, your game plan is structured. The benefits are not only learning to work with others and getting to know good sportsmanship but you make friends and sometimes your team mates turn out to be like a second family.

Playing sports is constructive

Children playing sports is constructive because it helps you with knowing when to be on time, its also constructive because it gives the children something to do in free time so they are not getting into any type of trouble.