The Second Greatest Christmas Story

Charles Dickens' Last Hope

A Christmas Miracle

When Charles Dickens' was in debt, he decided to write the book A Christmas Carol. When Dickens was writing the book, it became, not only a way to escape debt, but a way to express what he liked about Christmas. Dickens was also upset about his writing talent being questioned.

The Second Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

The book A Christmas Carol became known as the second greatest Christmas story ever told because the book was the second story, and the birth of Jesus was the first story.

Dickens' Inspiration

When Charles Dickens was creating a story within his head he started remembering back to his childhood, as he was looking at the pickpockets, footpads, and beggars. When Dickens used to be a boy, whose father was in prison, because of debts, and being in debt frightened Dickens. This is what made Dickens write A Christmas Carol.

Dickens' purpose for writing the book

When Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol it helped him with his debt, but he also wrote it for people with the same fears and longings he had known, for the people who wanted a bit of joy in their lives.

Dickens' Writings Impacted Himself

Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol was no longer a part of a plan to get out of debt, but it captured his feelings of Christmas, every time he wrote a part of his book, the characters seemed to come to life. Dickens shared emotion as he wrote the book. The man was really into writing this book.

A Christmas Carols' impact

When DIckens released his book within the time of December 17 to Christmas Eve, almost 6000 copies of A Christmas Carol were bought. Dickens received letters from strangers writing to him about how A Christmas Carol was read at their hearths in their homes. When Dickens died in 1870, a young poor boy asked "Dickens dead? Then will Father Christmas die too?"