Acid Rain

The devastating effects of acid rain on the environment


Acid rain happens when pollution in the air from burning fossil fuels and other substances are mixed with with water vapor, and then are condensed into acid rain. It is slowly becoming a more danger to the environment.

  • Acid rain has a pH level lower than 5.

  • Trees, rivers, lakes, and oceans get polluted by acid rain.

  • Happens when pollution in the air is combine with water vapor, thus making it rain pollution, as soon as it condensates.

  • Acid rain has been a problem since 1970. Before 1955, the US only had a little region of acid rain.

Solution to the Problem

Acid rain needs to be stopped because it is very detrimental to the environment. We could stop it by:

  • Avoid burning fossil fuels. We could use alternate energies.
  • Stopping pollution in the atmosphere.
  • Setting limits on how much fossil fuels cars and factories could emit.
  • Limiting the amount of fertilizer that people use so it doesn't end up in a body of water.
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Acid Precipitation - A Sustainability Documentary