About Me!

By: Jonathan Mosqueda

About me

Hi i'm Jonathan, I'm from San Antonio Texas, I've lived in three different states due to military duties. I have 3 sisters who are in the Army along with my dad also in the Army, and my mom works at Millcreek. I have one dog which i have had since i was 2 years old, her name is pebbles and she just like to eat and lay around all day. I also play for the Belton Basketball team and I also like to work on cars.

What I did over break

Over break I went back down to Texas to celebrate christmas and new years with the rest of my family. on christmas eve everyone just relaxed talked or watched tv later on that night we played some christmas games. then on christmas day was the usual presents opening and a good dinner. However, on new years eve we had a pretty big party with tons of food, snacks, and fireworks. also while i was down there we went to a family reunion party which was really crowded but was pretty cool considering I haven't seen half the people there in years.