Native Americans Myths

Native americans

What is The Function of Myth?

Myths explain to the world

Myths explain nature

Myths teaches lessons

To show has been recorded

To give lesson about myths

To give descriptions of myths

What are the types of myths?

Myths that tell the world about the past

Myths about how people were made

myths about aliens

What is a myth?

Myths began when human life began

Humans developed stories and myths

Each person had there own myths

myths still go on through everybody

What is an archetype?

A symbol, story pattern or character type that is found in the literature of many cultures

Heros, wiseman and tricksters are examples of characters

Good and evil, life and death, and knowledge are examples of symbols

what is a archetype

Frequently a coyote is an animal that is very smart at what it does

They could hunt smart and hide smart as if they had a human brain in a dogs body