singapore's housing

past, present and future

singapore's housing in the past

interviewee's responses: It was known as the 'triangle market' before it became Tiong Bahru market.

Research of Tiong Bahru: The residents of Tiong Bahru's housing estates are mostly pioneer citizens. There are also people of different race groups of different ages living there. Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore.

singapore's housing in the present

This is where the past and the present collide; in the current Tiong Bahru. New high-rise buildings can now be found around the area where two, three stories shop houses still stand.

Singapore's housing in the future

interviewee's respond: to lower the rent of housing in the area. More high-rise buildings and modern facilities and amenities are expected to be built. There is also a possibility that older buildings are demolished to make way for new ones.
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