Mrs. Munger's LA Class

Here's what's going on!

In class...

This week in class, students have started to read their novels. We also have been studying our 6th of 7 writing traits, conventions. Students have learned that their writing conventions (Indenting paragraphs, capitalization, spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are all important to check when we are fixing (editing) our writing. Ask your student what other writing traits we've covered so far!

8th graders are reading All of the Above, and have met 4 characters already: Sharice, Rhondell, Mr. Collins, and James Harris lll. These students and teacher have a goal to create something big! Ask your 8th grader just what that big thing is!

7th graders began reading the Hunger Games and participated in their own class reaping. Now, we obviously aren't really sending them to the Hunger Games, BUT, we did a simulation to see if the odds were in their favor. Students did math calculations to decide whether "the odds be ever in their favor" and we had some interesting results! Ask your 7th grader their feelings about the "reaping" and the first 3 chapters of the Hunger Games!

It's been a fun start to our novels, and all students are doing great on their independent reading during class.

Homework: Please be asking your student if they have homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We are doing much of our grammar instruction "flipped" which means that students take notes at home, or do a brief assignment to show their understanding at home. It is something that they are responsible for, and have time to do during NE time as well as some alloted (7th grade vocabulary word) time during language arts.

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This week's SWAG students are:

2nd period: Dane Hile

3rd period: Lindsey Rollins

4th period: Kolton Swygart

5th period: Aaric Page

6th period: Haley Davis


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Field Trips

8th graders go explore water!

8th graders had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Merry Lea to do water tests as well as canoe! Students also did in class assignments in all of their core courses to go with the water testing field trip. They'll be going one more time next week to finish their findings.
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Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!
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