Bohally Newsletter - Week 6, Term 2

10th June 2021

Principal's Comment

Kia ora,

I am writing this as I prepare to leave to attend a Leadership conference for Intermediate School Principals from across New Zealand. It will be good to meet others who run similar schools and have a chance to hear what they are doing so we can ensure Bohally is maximising the potential of our learners.

Many of you have visited the school over the past week or two viewing the awesome work that has been done in the classrooms around local history. The museum displays were quite outstanding and some students had truly put in a lot of effort. Special thanks to Peter Meihana, Kiley Nepia, Keelan Walker and John Orchard who worked with some of our students to share a local iwi perspective.

The rest of this term will be a literacy focus around myths and legends, with a specific focus on developing writing skills. If anyone in our community has a special skill in storytelling please get in touch with Jo Sena, one of our deputy principals. Next term we will be moving into a science focus, looking at forces and motion. The annual speech competition will also be another focus for term 3.

We have just had word from our Nelson counterparts that the annual top of the south tournament (commonly referred to as the Waimea tournament) will now be a one day tournament and not two. The main reason behind this is the difficulty around organising suitable billets for visiting teams. As much as we are disappointed about this, we respect their decision and will still take a large group of students over the hill to compete, although just for the day on the 20th of August. Staff will start organising teams for this later in the term.

Finally, we do our best to ensure all of our students enjoy their time at school, but we realise there are times when things aren't going so well. Please remember in the first instance to contact your child's class teacher as they know your child the best. The emerging adolescent stage of a child's life can be tricky but we all get through it and with support from family, school and community, we hope to grow our students into great adults for the future.

Ngā Mihi,

Nicky Cameron-Dunn

Cross Country

The Bohally 2021 school cross country is on Tuesday the 15th of June. This is a compulsory event. Students will either be entered in the 2km or 3km run.

Where: Pollard Park Church Hill Glade area.

When: 15th June 2021


  • 10.30am Boys competitive 3km Year 7&8 together

  • 10.45am Girls competitive 3km Year 7&8 together

  • 11.30am - Boys non-competitive 2km Year 7&8 together

  • 11.45am - Girls non-competitive 2km Year 7&8 together

Details: Students are to wear school uniforms. Please ensure your child has a water bottle.


Tickets for our production 'Atarangi: Morning Sky' are now live! Click the link below to buy yours. Only $15 per person! We would love your support.

Atarangi: Morning Sky, An Aotearoa Reggae-Roots musical extravaganza and world premiere. Written and composed by Tom Knowles, Directed by Lindy Knowles and performed by Bohally Intermediate School.

Atarangi: Morning Sky, explores the Māori myth of creation, Ranginui and Papatuanuku, through the eyes of a young New Zealand girl in 2021, finding parallels from the myth to modern day life.

A new school assignment set by teacher Mr. Robert Dylan sends the students into exploration of where they each came from. Atarangi’s journey includes visits from her Tīpuna, Māori warriors and a fantasy world that comes to life from books past down from her Koro, as she discovers her cultural past and identity. This show explores diversity, culture and self worth through acknowledging multiculturalism within Aotearoa and has many special guest appearances along the way!

With all original music written by Tom Knowles and recorded by some of New Zealand’s most sought-after professional musicians, (including Marlborough’s own Josh Logan) this is a one-of-a-kind extravaganza not to be missed! “This show is made for this land, from this land, by the hands of this land.”- Tom Knowles


A BIG thanks to Momentum Dance Company for letting us hire some of their beautiful costumes for our dancers in the show. We would also like to say thank you to Amber Bendell and Eden Sommerville, ex Bohally students who have choreographed one of our big dance numbers in the show.

NYLD - Student Leaders

The national young leaders day was so much fun, I was very lucky I was able to go to Christchurch and get to listen to some amazing speakers. The speakers were very inspiring to listen to and I have learnt some very amazing things, for instance, Cam Calkoen spoke to us about his disability and his favourite word AWESOME. He was teaching us about getting comfortable with who you are and instead of worrying about what people think, give them something to think about! Going to the national young leaders day was amazing. I learnt so much about leadership and we were lucky enough that Jacinda Ardern made a video for us to listen to, this was an amazing experience and I am very grateful I was able to go.

Ben Muir, Room 2

Last Monday the young leaders went to Christchurch. On Monday we got settled in our cabins, went to the mall, played in the playground and went for a long swim. The following day we went to the conference. There were two speakers that ran the show. They called the first person out and his name was Cam Calkoen and he talked about awesome changes and working together because that was the topic of the day. The next speaker was Brooke Neal and she talked about careers and sports and obviously teamwork. My favourite thing was when the singer Benny (the boy) sang two of his songs and it was very cool and loud.

Drew Materoa, Room 2

Upcoming Events

  • Cross Country - 15th June
  • Quiz Night Fundraiser - 26th June
  • Production - 7/8th July
  • Last Day of Term 2 - 9th July
  • First Day of Term 3 - 26th July

What's been happening?

What a busy start to Term 2 we have had! We have had some amazing learning opportunities with multiple guest speakers, our winter sports have started and our production is getting closer and closer. Read below to see what the students in Te Marama have been getting up to.

Room 12 - Technology

Tech has been excellent this year! The freedom of choice for the year 8’s has been revolutionary. The extra freedom has given the ability to feel more in control is great as we get the opportunity to pick between two technologies. I have been loving digital for the last couple of weeks, learning about different ways to code. Technology could further advance by allowing this opportunity to the year 7’s next year.

Scarlett, Kieran and Abi

Room 13 - Academies

For the first two Fridays of Term 2 we had academies. This is where you choose an activitiy of your choice to learn more about. We had a range of options from tye-dye, photography, arts, sports, science and production. Read below to see what some of Room 13 picked for their academies.

For my academy, I went to paintball. It was fun but extreme. Paintballs would fly by your face whilst you were running around in the warm sunlight. My favourite game mode was capture the flag. We also played press the buzzer. The main goal of the game was to run around and press the other team's buzzer. You would shoot at the other players which were on the other side of the map, trying to get them out so you could hit the buzzer.

By Zach Johnson-Barrett

For academies we chose to go to the Boombox. When we arrived, we got shown all the equipment. As the day went on, we got into more and more challenging work. We participated in a few competitions. We challenged ourselves by throwing wall balls. As we threw the ball up, we felt all the pressure lift off our fingertips as the ball reached the red line and then rebounded back off. As quickly as the pressure left, it came straight back as we had to then catch the ball on the way down.

By Holly Valk and Gemma Bishell-Fox


Room 14 - Inquiry

Room 14 have been busy bringing their Mana Motuhake learning to life. The first three weeks of Term 2 we spent learning about Early Maori history in Wairau and designed our museum exhibits. Then we had to get creative and build our dioramas and artefacts using heaps of cool materials that we found outside around school and brought in from home. It has been lots of fun working with our friends to build something and do a hands-on activity. We loved showing our whanau last week- there was some awesome waka, pā, kumara pits, moa footprints, and more!

Room 15 - Maths

Room 15’s maths class has re-created a map of the school. We had to think about the scale, use grid references, input a North arrow and compass and include a legend to describe features.
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