of mice and men by john steinbeck

two men on a journey because one messed up in their lasthome


the plot of the story is two men are working to get their own land and one keeps messing up his name is Lennie and George who tries to keep Lennie out of trouble.the conflict in the story is that Lennie likes to feel things which this gets him in some bad situations.the theme of the story is to work for the "american dream" thats all Lennie and George want.

why you must read this book

i chose the book because i read the back of the book and the summary just made the book look like a really good book. i think this book gets the attention of teens or young adults in the most place but some adults would most likely be interested in the book and how it makes everything come alive. this book is such a great book by the story line and how the characters interact in the book it keeps you on edge throughout the whole book.