Emma Baker


i am a....

doctor ,a apothecary are doctors ,i treated patients made medicines. I made house calls, and taught students. I performed sugeries. Apothecaries often used leeches to bleed. Apothecaries crafted their own medicine or drug that cuases disease or injury from any number of substances,plants,animal parts,and other mixtures.

This is me

Emma Baker I'm 25 years old; I have 2 children's named Emily and Jace the girl is 3 years old and the boy is 4 years old. I'm married, I live in New York USA. My parents live in the South Carolina they will be traveling to Texas. I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. Why do I want to move to Texas because so I can help people and just have an adventure. I live comfortable.

my occupation

My occupation is for people to stay alive and be healthy

Moving to a new settlement

  • To help people
  • To raise better money
  • And a college degree


I am a good doctor I can save your life, and my husband is pilot he can take you whenever there is an emergency to take care of.


  1. Apothecary medicine is a good medicine
  2. I like helping people