walmart makes you sick

The more you consume Wal marts unhealthy meat the more unhealthy you become. Walmart meat is making consumers get a high fever and vomiting uncontrollably. Shoppers who buy meat from Wal mart should stop immediatly due to this side effect. If Wal Mart does not fix this flaw, they could see themselves losing many valuable customers

Iphones make you less Intelligent

You don't really need science to know this, but technology makes it much easier to get distracted, whether that’s stepping away from an important project to check your smartphone or flipping between multiple browser tabs without really focusing on any one. It has been proven that toggling between multiple tasks at once doesn’t actually work -- in fact, you just wind up performing your dutys even worse.


Because of all of the expectation of Kroger's prices to sky rocket, consumers are now getting more groceries then they ever have before. They want to make sure they get everything they need before the prices start to get to high for there budget. All customers are flooding the stores getting all the groceries they need.

Wearing Jordans make you look rich

Several black activists have accused Michael Jordan of not doing enough for the black community complaining that even his shoes are too expensive for most black youths, a charge Jordan has answered himself by saying, “I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.


Sub ways low prices has customers running there to get a tasty sandwhich. The buzz is all around town, it is everybodys number one place to go and eat. With prices this cheap Which Which and other sandwhich places better watch out.