X- Ray Waves

By: Edgar, Mariel, Nate, And Annamae

X-Ray Waves Are....


X-Rays were first observed and documented in 1895 by scientist Wilhelmina Conrad Roentgen. X-rays come from objects that are millions of degrees Celsius. For example, Pulsars, Galactic, supernova. They wouldn't reflect if they hit a mirror head on but would graze a mirror making them ricochet. The wavelength of an X-Ray wave is .01 to 10 m. The frequency range is 3x10^6Hz - 3x10^13Hz and the velocity in a vacuum is 186,000 miles per second.

Video Summary

X-Rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. X-Rays are invisible to the human eye because the wavelength of the X-Ray is smaller than UV rays. X-Rays cannot pass through solid objects because its wavelength is too small. In the human body there is bone muscle, tissue, and skin that has varying densities and the bones have the highest densities. When passing through an X-Ray, the human bones are the only part that cannot go past in the X-Ray.

Everyday Application

1. Dentists uses X-Rays everyday to look at peoples teeth to see if the teeth are broken or if the tooth has a cavity.

2. Airport security also uses X-Rays. They use them to see through our bags to make sure you do not have any weapons and will not be a threat to others.

3. Black holes emit X-Rays and scientists use satellites with X-Ray detectors to find new black holes.

Health impacts

The positive to X-Rays is that it can be used to seen through flesh and organs to see bones and things inside the body. The negative effect is that radiation exposure that can lead to cell mutations that could lead to cancer.

Interesting Article Summary

X- ray is one of the most important tool when it comes to medical use. In this article, it discusses how X-rays look through skin and tissues to find problems inside of the human body. X-rays could be needed for every three to five years to make sure health in one's body is in check and that there are no problem. X-rays can find cracks in bones and find cancer tumors. Although, X-Rays also cause tumors in ones body. X-Rays help find a cure that leads doctors in the right direction to help cure their patients.