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Support and Solutions - Issue 4

Getting Started

Welcome to the Madison-Oneida BOCES Staff and Curriculum Development Newsletter. Here you will find resources, things to know, tools to use, and ideas to explore. The materials are curated by our department: If we share them, it's because we have looked at them and deem them worthy of your limited time! So check it out. Click on the things that you think will help you and skip the things that won't. And remember, we are here if you need us!

Calm or Cat? You Choose...

...because the past few weeks have been... interesting.

Click the picture below that most interests you. (Or click them both!)


Virtual IEP Meeting Tip Sheets

Check out this quick and easy set of tip sheets that may give you some ideas for your next virtual IEP meeting.

Fishing for Ideas?

We recently received the following YouTube video links from the Inter-regional Environmental Educator for NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for the popular Salmon River Fish Hatchery.

Teachers are welcome to access them for use in their science, conservation, and natural resources classes.

BUT... SCD sees the potential to use these videos (or excerpts of the videos) for ELA, social studies, math, technology, and other classes, too!

You can find these unpublished YouTube video resources at the links below.

Salmon River Fish Hatchery Tour

Chinook Egg Collection at the Hatchery

Pacific Salmon Egg Collection (Coho) at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery

Questions or requests for resources on NY’s natural resources can be directed to Betsy Ukeritis, at

ELA -- Building a Virtual Book Club

We want our students to read, read, read! But how do we encourage that, especially when we have limited time with them? Check out this short video with great ideas for building a virtual book club!

Begin or Join a Professional Learning Community!

As professionals, some of our best work comes in collaboration! The Mid-State Teacher Resource Center provides support for both Regional and in-house PLCs. Current participants in these groups very much value the time spent with colleagues and benefit from the shared experience. Click here to join an existing PLC. Meetings are posted in My Learning Plan.


If you are feeling adventurous, start a PLC of your own! (We'll help, and the Teacher Center pays a $250 stipend to facilitators!) Interested? Please email Tracy Pulverenti for more information, or call 315.361.5550.


Strategies From the Dramatic Arts Can Enhance Student Engagement

An interesting article focusing on bringing dramatic reading scripts to content exploration, supporting fluency, comprehension, and engagement!

Virtual Teaching Ideas

How do I teach more effectively in a virtual setting?

TeachingBooks is available to all MOBOCES component district educators. It provides ready-to-use resources to ignite reading interest. Thousands of complete audio & video book readings are also available. Explore today at

Want to know more? Your school librarian is your resident expert on this great digital resource!

January Regents Are Cancelled

As an FYI, January Regents are cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. Please see the NYSED website for more information.

Tech Tip -- Google Slide Add-Ons

Up and Coming!

Self Care Day for Educators

On Saturday, December 5th...

Katie Quick is hosting a virtual (and free) event for teachers that features presenters with expertise in all things important to you the person. The site advertises "a day of fun, stress-relieving workshops curated specifically for teachers!"

Katie Quick is a social-emotional learning specialist, teacher, licensed professional counselor, musician, and national speaker.

Register at

Wrapping it up with a smile!

Mr. Domachowske

Click on the picture below to watch Mr. Domachowske introduce the year to VVS students and parents.

Why do this in November? Well, there are a couple of reasons!

1. To remind us of what we are trying to accomplish with our students. Listen to this introduction... we all did something similar in September. How are we doing in meeting the ideas that we set forth?

2. To find that one idea that we hadn't considered -- the one "aha!" that makes our communication that much more clear. What is something in Mr. D's introduction that you would like to emulate?

Thank you, Mr. D!

Looking for support? Have an idea to share? Have a video that we should add? Reach out to us at or check out our webpages by clicking on the logos below!

November 9, 2020