From the Principal's Pen

April 5, 2020

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are beginning week four of distance learning. How can that be?

I have to give a great big SHOUT OUT to students, teachers, and parents for all of their hard work during this time. I know it has been difficult but I saw great progress in week 3 across the board in K-5. Mrs. Brush and I have had the opportunity to visit Google classrooms, SeeSaw classrooms, Zoom lessons and more. Our community is doing a wonderful job! This job is more difficult for the parents of elementary students than older students and we thank you for your hard work and support! The grade level leaders and I meet several times a week to discuss, move and change implementation to better fit the needs of our students. We meet with coaches, central office staff, and all support personnel to improve our methods for teaching and learning just as we do during the traditional school year. We will continue to make plans for improvement. If something is not working well for your child please let the classroom teacher know. This work is about students and their learning! Below is the link to more information regarding distance learning.

We do stress the completion of reading and math lessons as a priority but foreign language, music, art, and PE are all important subjects for the children. Some of them may be a favorite in your child’s day. Students have a choice as to what day to complete the specials but please encourage your child to do them.

On another note, remember that the daily news can be very scary for children and adults. Personally, I turn on the TV news once a day. This note is not in support for anyone politically but I tune in once a day for Governor Cuomo’s news conferences. I am a New Yorker, but Governor Cuomo definitely speaks to the entire country and his popularity during this time is growing. He provides the facts and offers moving stories of his mother, his father and all of the world. He provides information and inspiration and many of us find it must-see television. His news conferences are my go-to news. This is for adults only though!

As far as children and the news, the parent should be the consumer of the news and then bring the appropriate information to their children. Many experts agree that the news should not be constantly on in the background during the day. I have included an article that may help you when talking to your child about the virus.

This coming week is a four day week with Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th off from school as we celebrate the Passover and Easter season. Distance learning will resume on Tuesday, April 14th. The BOE voted to continue distance learning during this week that was originally scheduled as a spring recess.

Thank you for all that you do! I am grateful for our Julian Curtiss community and look forward to seeing all of you in the future. I continue to wish you and your families health and safety!

With appreciation,

Mrs. McGuire

Report cards

Instructions on how to access report cards for elementary schools were emailed home last week. Every parent should have received a notice from the district. The short video below demonstrates how parents can see their child’s report card and inserts but you need the information you got in the email that was sent to you.

If you have difficulty with accessing your child's information, please email with your school and child's name.

Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year

Kindly take a moment to help us more accurately plan for the next school year 2020-2021. Please email Lisa Maniscalco with one of the responses below no later than Monday, April 6, 2020. Her email is Your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you,

Trish McGuire, Principal


Please include the following in an email to Lisa Maniscalco:

Student Name and Grade and indicate one of these options:

  1. My child will be attending Julian Curtiss next year

  2. My child will not be attending Julian Curtiss next year, but will be attending (name of new school)

  3. Our plans are uncertain for next year

Online Read-Alouds

JC Staff and student leaders are reading some of their favorites for our school community to enjoy. Click on the links below for some great read-alouds!

Mrs. Trish McGuire, Principal

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