A Nice Friendly Community Week


As we focused on the words " community" and "community helpers", the kinders were excited to share their insight on these topics.

They had a blast building a small community in the classroom. They were also GREAT mathematicians practicing mental math with a various fact families' activities.

United We Stand

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What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. Vowels (short & long U)

  • Phonics: We focused on sounding short and long medial E and I through repetition and showing pictures of words that have medial short and long medial E and I.

2. Digraphs th & sh

  • We sounded initial “th” and “sh” through repetition and showing pictures of words that have initial “th” and “sh”

3. Vocabulary

They defined the word “community” on their vocabulary notebook.


They wrote two sentences about what they want to be when they grow up.


Fact Families

· They learned that addition and subtraction have opposite relation.

· They completed multiple in-class fact families’ activities.

Social Studies

1.Community & Community Helpers

  • We discussed what a community is.
  • The students named various community helpers and stated their jobs (role) in a community.
  • They shared with their classmates what kind of a community helper they want to be when they grow up and explained the reason/s behind their choice.

2. “ Our School Community” Project

  • To apply their understanding to what a community is, we focused on our school as a small community.
  • The students explained their role/s in the school.
  • Each student was assigned a teacher. Then he or she went to ask his/her assigned teacher about their job in the school.
  • They drew the assigned teacher, recalled what that teacher had told, and wrote about it using their inventive spelling.


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing medial u” words as well as writing complete sentences on their writing journals and on their Phonics book.

Building a community

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Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

· Give examples of words that begin with “th” and/or” sh”

· What rhymes “ug” and “uit”?

· What is a community?

Social Studies

· Give examples of community helpers.

· What are their jobs?

· What kind of community helpers do you want to be?

Taking a Small Sight Words Spelling Test

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1. December 7th

  • Spirit Day

o December 8th

  • Winter Camp registration is due

3. December 11th

  • Parents Night Out