Exotic Animals as Pets

By: Amsah Syed

Should People be Allowed to Keep Exotic Animals?

I believe no one should be able to keep wild animals as pets. It's wrong to hold these animals in captivity away from their natural habitats for the pleasure of people. By their very nature, these animals are wild and can be dangerous if not handled with proper care. Regardless the reason, no exotic animals should be kept as pets and should be left alone by humans.

The Dangers of Keeping Wild Animals

Exotic Animals like chimpanzees, lions and reptiles belong in their natural habitats. More often than not, these animals are forcefully taken by humans out of their homes and either put into cages or human environments they don't belong in. People then try to domesticate wild animals and turn them into "pets" that they aren't. Individuals keeping exotic animals attempt to change their wild nature by confining them in small cages, chaining them, beating them into submission, and even using methods such as tooth removal & declawing. Animals like this don't easily adjust to their new lives and often lash out ending in human loss or their own euthanization.


In 2009, an estimated total of 20,000 big cats were in the hands of private collectors, and that's only the documented ones. Each year more and more exotic animals are being taken from their homes and put into cages. A few states that allow wild animal ownership like Ohio and Alabama each have different rules and regulations about which types of animals people can keep and the licenses required, but the trading, breeding, and selling of these animals still happens.

Exotic Animals, Special Needs

Wild animals that are in captivity and not in nature still require their own unique needs like food, exercise, and special environments. Big cats need big enclosures to run, climb, and hunt around in order to stay healthy and fit. However, they also sleep a lot and need access to proper sleeping areas and sun. It can also be extremely expensive to care for these animals. On average, it can cost up to $6,000 just to care for an adult tiger in captivity and even more for other animals. Often people can't afford these expenses and can't properly provide and care for their wild animals. This leaves the animals is poor conditions, physically and mentally.


In conclusion, it's not okay for people to keep exotic animals as pets. It's wrong to take these animals away from their natural habitats and put them into cages or non suitable human environments. These animals are wild by nature and can't be tamed no matter how hard people try and the outcome of these situations are often fatal or seriously dangerous for both human and animal.


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