The Gompers GATOR Bulletin 9/9/19


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Notes from Dr. Miller

Dear Gompers K8 Parent Community,

I'm sooooo PROUD to be a Gator, I'm sooooo PROUD to be a GATOR ...Ohhh Yeah!!! #GATORPRIDE!

It has been super hot butttttttt our Gomper Gators have survived. We are following the heat safety precautions and not having students participating in physical exertion during the day. Though there is limited shade protection, students are in those areas during recess and lunchtime frames.

Thank you, Thank you to the following families for helping/supporting the kindergarten playground with the "pop-up" tents.

Gastelum family

Lanie family

Lambert family

Gonzalez family "grandma"

It is appreciated and valued. Yes, it is only a temporary shade solution but is soooooooo appreciated during these hot days for our kinder gators.

Gompers Gators are going G-R-E-E-N!!! You would have been sooooo proud this week as all classrooms were engaged in the delivery of the Guidelines For Success(GFS) lessons. From kinder to eighth grades lesson on grit, responsibility, expectations, and ethics were being taught and modeled for understanding in our learning community. Our final GFS lesson of N - Neighborly will be taught. Our common language of expectations is underway at Gompers.

Just a friendly reminder...morning supervision begins @ 8:15. Past practice at Gompers was supervision at 8:15 but gates were opened for a drop-off. This is a liability for "students" when there is no one supervising. Past practices of students being on campus without supervision caused a multitude of issues related to campus safety. Please do not drop off your child Supervision of the playground and campus is 8:15.

Looking forward to seeing and meeting more families at Back to School Night next week, Tuesday, September 17!


Dr. Damita Myers-Miller -

#studentsaremywhy #180daysofwhy #thisiswhywedothis

Gompers Spirit Song.... (Sung to the tune of Take Me out to the Ball Game)

We are Gators at Gompers

We are scholars indeed

Arrive through the gates to take on the day,

Strive for success as we give it our best.

From kinder to 8th grade we’re family,

Staff, parents, and friends…

Let us learn, achieve, and reach vic-tor-y

At Gompers A-CAD EM - Y!

9/10 - School Site Council - PARENT LEADERSHIP & VOICE ***NEEDED**

September 10 @ 3:30 in the library:

Would you like to be an elected member of the School Site Council?

As an elected member, you would make the decisions on categorical program funding and the instructional and or program needs of the site. Parent Voice and perspective is needed

There are 2 open parent positions for the 2019-2021(2-year terms)


- What is SSC? How does it support our school's academic program and goals?

- How do we use the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) to support our students learning programs?

- Annual Compliance meeting

Click the link below for the year's meeting calendar:

This week - Let's get Back into the SWING of things..Join the PTA Team

PTA general member meetings:

1st meeting - September 12 @ 6:30 in the library - 6:30 - 7:30 pm

PTA Memberships:

$10 per member.....our goal is 600 memberships this year

Membership incentive - ends 9/30:

3 memberships = 1 free Tshirt

5 membership - 2 free T-shirts

PTA "MONTHLY" GAZETTE NEWS will be an embedded link in the weekly "online" GATOR parent bulletin beginning September 2019:

PTA news can also be found on:

1. Gompers PTA website

2. Gompers Facebook Page

3. Gompers email:

Our school functions GREATER for students when we are all working COLLABORATIVELY for its SUCCESS!!

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Auditions for Little Mermaid **Middle School Only***

Come one, come all to the informational and auditions meeting for Little Mermaid.

Wednesday, September 11 from 3:15 to 4:30 Auditorium.

Ms. Primrose is the primary contact for this special activity.

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Fall Picture Information - Details below

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Please Read the below information carefully.....Thanks!

Parent KEY for knowing/accessing "ALL" of the information regarding your student(s)

PARENTVUE provides you access to all the following information:

Calendar, Attendance, Schedule, Course History, Fees, Gradebook, Health, Report Cards, Student Information, School Information, Assessments and More, School of Choice, School Messenger, Meal Program and Surveys.

All information is updated daily or per input timelines.

If you are having trouble with accessing PARENTVUE, please come into the office ASAP

Safety and Security ....

EVC "buzz" system

As part of our district’s commitment to safety, beginning on 8/28/209 our school will be a closed campus that uses an electronic visitor screening system. This system will add to our school’s current safety measures. All parents and visitors will be required to come through the main entrance during school hours and use the electronic visitor screening system. This will require that you identify yourself at the front door before being provided entry.

Identification required for Early PickUp of students

Parents/Guardians will be required to show identification to pick their students up early from campus.

VIPs -

All VIPs are required to sign in the office upon each visit to the campus and wear their name tag while on campus.

Campus Gates in the morning:

Gates to the campus are open through the entrance of the playground on Dunrobin Ave ONLY (by the park) including YMCA and "zero periods" students.

Student/Morning Drop Off Off -

Campus Supervision of students does not begin until 8:15 each morning. Students should enter through the playground entrance on Dunrobin Ave.

Afternoon PickUp -

All gates are open for exiting until 3:30 pm

Dunrobin gate

Briercrest gate

Campus supervision of student ends at 4:00 pm Playground closes at 4:00.

Cross Walks is the law:

Please use the crosswalks to ensure pedestrian safety in crossing the street. Lakewood has a city ordinance on pedestrian safety and use of crosswalk. Please adhere to safety measures for your child.

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Schoolwide Events & LBUSD News

Parent Opening Packet & MEAL Info

The opening informational packet for details regarding school expectations, structures and protocols of practice will be available digitally and hardcopy for the 2019-20 school year:

1. Please return the last page of the opening packet that acknowledges all the signatures to your child's classroom teacher (ES) and 4th-period teacher (MS).

2. New online MEAL application for free and reduced: Click the embedded link:

3. Paid MEAL Click the embedded link to upload money to your child's account:

4. *Please note next year (2020-21), the opening packet will only be available digitally and parents/guardian will be required to print the last page and submit signature page*