Help Save The Javan Rhino

A endangered animal


  • The world's rarest land mammal
  • Currently only found in Indonesia in a national park
  • Can run up to 30-40 miles per hour
  • Have poor eyesight but good smell & hearing
  • Rhinoceros means "nose horn"
  • One of the five rhinoceros species endangered
  • Males have a bigger horn then females, some females just have like a little bump
  • Water and Swamp loving

Why is it endangered and close to extinction?What is causing it to be endangered?

Their homeland is disappearing because of deforestation and because people often hunt them for their horns because they can be used to make some traditional medicine although this is not yet scientifically proven. The Javan Rhinos are already extinct in Vietnam and there is currently some left in Indonesia lets not let those go extinct as well

Why should we care if the species go extinct?

Well they have ben around for 40 million years, they are an "umbrella species" meaning when protecting them we can also protect other species that share a habitat with the rhinos, they are charismatic mega-herbivores and they also attract visitors and tourists

What effects would the extinction have on humans, ecosystems and environment?

The diversity and population of plant communities would be altered leading to extinctions of other species because rhinos graze the land. They maintain the grass short thinking of them like land mowers. Taking them away can cause a dramatic change in habitats

Save the Javan Rhinos

Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 8-10am

This is an online event.

Please help save the Javan Rhino by donating money to find them another habitat where they can be safe from extinction

Ermy V.

Because this is probably a public flyer. I just wanted to say that the contact info and event is fake it's for a project but the Information about the Javan Rhino is true !!!