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November 2018

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Check out some of the innovative initiatives in this short video from I-SS Digital Teaching and Learning division.
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Tori Goldrick, 6-7 Grade Science Teacher, East Iredell Middle

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What excites you about integrating technology in your classroom?

What excites me most about integrating technology with my students is seeing how much fun they have without realizing they are learning and the ability for students who struggle with more conventional methods of teaching being able to achieve high levels of success.

I have always tried to find new ways to help teach concepts and to engage my students. Technology has provided me with an unlimited number of possibilities. From review games, to videos, to web quests, to Gizmos. I am able to accommodate all different learning styles and ability levels so that all of my students can be excited about their success. I love hearing when my students come in and ask me, “What do we get to do today?”, instead of saying, “What do we have to do today?” That one little word makes a huge difference.

Read Tori's complete statement about what excites her about integrating technology in her classroom.

Nominate a Teacher For Spotlight

If you know of a teacher who is doing some great and innovative things for students, nominate him or her for the Teacher Spotlight.
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Keynote is so much more than a presentation tool

  • Available on both MacBook and iPad

  • Use with students K-12

  • Easily create memorable and stunning presentations

  • Over 30 professional looking themes built in

  • Add photos, galleries, math equations, charts, and over 700 shapes

  • On an iPad - record and edit audio or video clip right within the presentation

  • Use it as a multipage whiteboard space for students

  • On an iPad - a new drawing tool allows you to create diagrams or illustrations

  • Make templates for students with content placeholders

  • Can import your PowerPoint slides into Keynote and edit them

  • Can save as PDF, PPT, movie, etc

To learn more about using Keynote, download the instructional iBook for Mac or iBook for iPad or look at Apple’s online help guides for Mac or iPad.

Keynote is also one of the learning badges in the Apple Teacher Program.

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  1. Coaching Cycles in the elementary schools are in full swing with the Apple specialist visiting UGE and CHE in November. Ask your admin when they will be coming to your school if you are interested in partnering with them.

  2. If you are on the list to participate in the Apple Vanguard sessions, don’t forget the first dates are Dec 13 & 14 at Unity.

  3. Elementary Teachers - if you aren’t using Apple Classroom to help monitor your student iPads, invite your DTL Coach to come show you and your teammates how it works! It is a GAME CHANGER!
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Canvas Tip of the Week

I hope you reading and applying the Canvas Tips of the Week. Each week (Monday-Wednesday, you and your students can explore the Canvas tip for that week. Please encourage your students to read and apply the tip. These tips will help with Canvas productivity.

Here are the archives of the Canvas Tips of the Week:



Got a tip, suggestion, hack, solution. Share it with us. We will feature it an upcoming Tip of the Week and for each tip, you will receive your Canvas Tipper badge.

Tell us your Tip Story.

Canvas Palooza

It is not too late to connect and join. This is a great way to build your Canvas capacity and earn DLC CEUs.
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Growing with Canvas

Interested in building your capacity in Canvas and becoming a Canvas ninja? Then you can self-enroll in the Growing with Canvas professional learning experience. This learning experience is self--paced and along the ay you will submit activities and earn seven total badges. At the conclusion of Growing with Canvas, you can request a certificate of participation for 1.2 CEUs which can be used for DLC credit.
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Student-Created Videos

Videos is a great way to teach, but it is an even better way for students to demonstration learning. There are four types of student-created videos. Learn about them in this Edutopia blog post.

  1. Learning product video
  2. Response video
  3. Reflection video
  4. Tutorial video

Screencastify (A Dynamic Tool for Student-Created Videos)

Screencastify is a chrome extension that allows students to create any of the above types of student-created videos.

Students can . . .

  1. Capture a screen recording
  2. Upload to Google Drive to share with other students

Here are 52 ways to use Screencastify in the classroom.

Tools for Teaching with Videos

As a teacher, it is advantageous to use videos for teaching purposes. Read what the research says about the power of video to engage people. Although this research focuses on marketing, the findings and conclusions are just as applicable to a classroom setting.

Here are 11 Tools for Teaching with Video. We encourage you to spend some time explore these tools and finding the "one" that serves your need.

How does using videos in the classroom align to the Digital Learning Competencies?

Here are two ways that using videos in the class help provide application of the Digital Learning Competencies.

  1. Using videos in the classroom promotes Digital Citizenship. Student-created videos and teacher-led videos help students and teachers understand and apply copyright and fair use guidelines, along with modeling digital responsibility and appropriate interaction with content.

  2. Using videos in the classroom align to Digital Content and Instruction. Students have to evaluate the appropriate tool to create videos in order to communicate ideas: learning product, responses, reflection, or tutorial videos. Student-created videos and teacher-led videos help students analyze issues and provides a means to create an authentic learning experience with an authentic audience.
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