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To take care of the more personal needs of victims

Typhoon Haiyan

One of the biggest natural disasters that have happened recently, Typhoon Haiyan, is a main concern because it is thought to have killed more than 10,000 people living in the Philippines. The journey was exhausting for the typhoon survivors, but worth it for the clean water they were searching for. Without being able to wash properly, you have a greater risk or catching an intestinal or other possible disease. Survivors have been catching rain water in buckets, scooping water from streams, and smashing pipes to get what’s left of the disabled pumping stations. There’s at least 600,000 people left homeless, searching for clean water. People were driven to desperate measure after being famished survivors of Typhoon Haiyan because of the lack of food and water. The typhoon was estimated to have killed about 10,000 people, and cause much more damage to the lands. Typhoon Haiyan is recorded to be the deadliest typhoon and the strongest storm. People were left devastated after the typhoon destroyed much of their belongings, including all their food, water and medicine. Being in such desperation of water, the people of the Philippines have begun digging the underground pipes, hoping to find good drinking water. People were driven to desperate measure after being famished survivors of Typhoon Haiyan because of the lack of food and water.

Other disasters

A heat wave swept across central China and hit six provinces, hitting all their crops in the process. The heat wave hit about 2.2 million acres of farmland, causing it all to fail and left 13 million people without access to clean drinking water. Also, a major drought in California finally got what people wanted, rain. But because of this major thunderstorm, it was too much rain. California's farming industry is being threatened because of the amount of water, but won’t make a greater impact until these types of storms start becoming common. There’s already some families that are living on the edge of survival because of being poor, then things get even worse. Their crops are failing, places in the community are flooding, epidemics are breaking out, locusts attacks or typhoons cause almost certain death or devastation for members of the poor family. Because of natural disasters, many people lose their family members and friends, a lot lose their homes, and many of the things they use on a daily basis to support themselves. People could be at risk for dehydration, starvation, exposure to diseases, malnutrition, some may be exposed to different elements and injuries due to lack of sanitation. Natural disasters can cause schools, stores, and medical facilities to shut down or even be destroyed, and leave people without these areas.

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