Copenhagen, Denmark

What kind of entrees do people in Denmark eat?

Copenhagen's Cuisines

A major part of breakfast is bread.Another interesting fact about Denmark is hamburger patties are called barrebøff. In Denmark the two most popular drinks are beer and coffee.In Copenhagen they have yummy fruit jellies...they are called rødrøds. So come slong and take a bite you won't be sorry.

Copenhagen's fruit jellies

Copenhagen's Cool Culture

Danish designers are know as building house held objects.In 1998 The Royal Ballet held a festival, and still today The Royal Ballet festival performs.Denmark per capita has the highest eduction ranking in the entire come on down and show us what you can do.

Copenhagen's Exiting Envirernment

In Copenhagen the most popular sport is football,people in Denmark joined together to make their own teams.For entertainment people love to go fishing.Denmark has a lot of fairy tale castles,come and show us what you like to do for fun in your country.

Copenhagen's Historical Sights

If you decide to visit Denmark, you should swing by super quick and take a peek at their tall beautiful towers. Denmark's fabulous toweris named Borsens Dragon Spire. In Denmark you may also notice lots of their statues. Denmark's statiue is named Esbjerg,so come along and tell us what different from your landmarks compared to ours.

Copenhagen's Language

Hello... Are you wondering what kind of language Denmark speaks? Well you're about to find out. In Denmark they speak Danish. Danish people are fluent in German, their official language. Would you like to come and tell us what language(s) you speak in your country?

Copenhagen's Crazy Climate

Hey Hey Hey, I bet the weather is cooler here than it is in your country, let's find out. Here in Denmark, the weather is quite mild but Denmark is pretty much like the U.S. when it comes to their weather and climate. Denmark's coolest temperature is 0-40 degrees. Hot or cold you should come on down, are you brave enough?

By: Jasmine Hudson