CLP Weekly Memo

Week of May 9 to May 13

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

5-12 PDAS Summative Conferences

Upcoming Dates

5-16 Rockwall Music Fest for Orchestra and Band
5-16 to 5-20 PPD Summative Conferences
5-19 Paraprofessional Summative Conferences
5-16 to 5-20 Early Voting at CLP
5-17 6th Grade Track Meet
5-17 CLP Honor Choir Show
5-17 CLP Employee Recognition Reception and POY reveal
5-17 RISD Memorial Day Celebration @ RHS PAC 7:00
5-18 4th Grade Field Trip
5-19 Staff Meeting (Teaching Staff T-TESS Training)
5-19 CLP Choir at Rockwall Music Fest
5-19 RISD Employee Service Awards for 20+ years and Retirees
5-20 Field Day
5-24 Yearbook Signing Party
5-26 to 5-30 Memorial Day Holidays (Bad Weather Days)
5-31 Kindergarten Graduation @ 6:30
6-1 CFA Character Award Breakfast @7:00 am
6-2 6th Grade Science Palooza
6-2 Grade Level Awards Assemblies during specials classes
6-3 6th Grade Graduation @ 8:30

Announcements and Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • Placement cards will be given to team leaders next week for you to begin placing students in classes for next year. You will get more information about this when the cards are distributed.
  • We are now working on the EOY check out sheet and will be getting that to you as soon as possible.
  • PDAS summative conferences will take place tomorrow. If you didn’t sign up for a time please do that through the link that Laura sent.
  • PPD summative conferences will begin next week. You should begin gathering your data for your action questions and be prepared to talk about your results next week.

Today has been a day for changes!!! I wanted to keep you all in the loop. It makes my heart so happy to brag on the strengths of all of you and it’s been an AMAZING day to do just that!!! As I'm sure you all probably already know there will be some grade level changes for the 2016-2017 school year. Please excuse the length of this section but I want to give every one of these people their moment in the spotlight!!!!

Staff Changes for 2016-2017 School Year

  • I am sad to share that we are losing two SpEd Instructional Assistants due to a reduction in numbers in both FA2 and Resource. Raquel Rodriguez will be leaving us and moving to Rockwall High School as a Resource Instructional Assistant. Even though Raquel has only been with us for a year she has brought so much joy to the FA2 program and we are so sad to see her go. Diane Peterson will also be leaving us and moving to Utley Middle School as a Resource Instructional Assistant. Diane is an amazing person and has poured her heart into Cullins not only in her current position but also as a parent for many years. Diane will be greatly missed!
  • Heather Shelton: Heather joined the Cullins team this year very late and has walked right in to a new school, new students, new climate, new friends. We have been blessed to have her as a part of the CLP staff. Heather approached me earlier in the year and asked about the possibility of putting her reading background to use in an older grade. I am happy to report that Heather will be joining the 2nd grade team next year.
  • Debby Schmucker: As you all know Debby has been an integral part of the Kinder and Cullins Team for many years. In my four years at Cullins Debby has always expressed interest in teaching Pre-K. I have watched her serve on the Title I committee when we first became Title I and her input was to reach out to our community preschoolers to impact their learning before they entered Kindergarten. Debby will do amazing things with our littlest Cullins Cowboys!
  • Becki Hensel: Jill Erwin’s retirement leaves a HUGE hole in the 6th grade team. I’m happy to say that one of our own AMAZING math teachers will occupy this spot. Becki Hensel is the FIRST person I thought about when Jill told me her news. Becki is an absolute NATURAL teacher and could teach a pig to fly!! I’m so excited for her to loop up with these students and start right where she leaves off at the end of this school year.
  • Karen Ward: Becki’s move and Tammy Lang’s retirement prompted us to look at some different things with how 5th grade is structured. It has been a struggle for 5th grade to find time for a writing block for their students having two math classes. When scheduling showed that we were going to be looking at finding someone to teach writing and math number talks in 5th grade, Karen Ward is the FIRST person that popped in my mind. Karen has completely embraced 3rd grade writing this year and taken her kids to new levels! (Look out 4th grade!) And if you have never visited her room to see her teach Number Talks… You TOTALLY should! She is an absolute master with Number Talks and it is such an important skill for students to have. The 5th grade team is so excited to welcome Karen that Tammy is now sad she’s retiring!
  • Brittany Canady: Brittany loves Cullins so much that rather than teach Kinder at another campus this school year she hopped all the way up to 3rd grade when we lost a Kinder section this past summer. However, she did tell me she wanted to go back as soon as she possibly could….. And she IS!!!! Brittany’s passion for children is so amazing and it shines in her sweet smile every day. She has taken on a great challenge this year and not once did she complain about it! But now she gets to go back to Kinder and we are thrilled!
  • Tammy Jones: Tammy thinks she found her passion in Kindergarten!! And that she did, but her new passion is going to be 3rd grade! I’m not sure many of you know this, but Tammy taught 3rd grade before she became a mom. She is absolutely amazing at anything she does. Her curriculum and early literacy knowledge is going to be an amazing addition to the 3rd grade team.
  • Laura Belzowski: With Tammy’s move to 3rd grade, this leaves another spot open in Kindergarten. Laura will be filling this spot. Several years ago we interviewed Laura for a Kindergarten opening and were able to hire her later that year for 3rd grade. She has an extensive background in early childhood having taught Pre-K, Kinder, and first grade before coming to Cullins. She will bring amazing joy to the already happy Kinder Pod!!!

So that’s it for now friends! I hope you all know how much I respect each and every one of you. It takes special people to take on new challenges! I would never want to be perceived as the kind of leader that makes moves to make moves. I feel like I have watched you all in action for four years now and see some things in you all that you may not see in yourself! You are ALL AMAZING ROCK STARS and make this school, its students, and the community what it is by just being you! Thank you!!!!

I can’t say that all moves are complete. But trust me I am moving as fast as possible so you all can plan for the following year.

Jill's Corner

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!

We have made it through most of testing!!!! We have a couple of kids that were absent that need to retest tomorrow and STAAR will fly out on Friday!!! Jennifer Givens has done an amazing job with organizing testing and learning how we do things in the elementary testing world! She needs a big hug when you see her!

Julie Woolly had knee replacement surgery this morning. She will finally be able to walk without pain!!! We heard from Melissa earlier in the day and everything went well. I understand they already have her up and walking! Julie will be out for the remainder of the school year as she heals from this surgery. Anything that you would have normally asked Julie for, Shree and Michelle can help you with it. We have Valerie Tessitore here most of the time and some other subs will be assisting as well. We will certainly miss Julie and wish her a speedy recovery. She is expected to return sometime in June if there are no complications with her recovery.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!