What is a Home?

Homelessness and It's Danger to Society

Imagine This:

Imagine being alone, every day of your life, without a family, home, food, or water. Imagine the frost bite trickling to every part of your body until it reaches your heart, and you feel yourself dying on those cold winter nights. Imagine the summer heat, beating on your skin and eventually robbing you of all of your body water, and you have no way of getting to fresh, crisp air or an icy water bottle. Imagine spending 24 hours of your day, 7 days a week begging for a blanket, or food. Imagine your stomach feeling so empty that soon enough, your ribs rip through your skin and you bleed to death. While imagining these horrors, would you say it's a dream? No- it's your worst nightmare.

The Dangers of Poverty and Homelessness

1. It Makes us Look Worse as a Person, and a Country

We see starving, dying people on the streets every day, and most of us don’t do anything about it. We think it is “normal". Sometimes, we just ignore the desperate looks on their faces, and walk away. Some of us pass by and when they beg and beg for us to have some mercy and feed their hungry bodies, we say we don’t have anything to give. We lie to the broken ones, because, next thing you know, we are off to our favorite store, buying new clothes that we don’t need.

2. The Desperate Become the Criminals

After weeks, months, and maybe years of begging, they’ll eventually give up. Whether they commit suicide, or die of starvation, we are the cause of most criminals. We don’t take care of the homeless; therefore, they feel as though they have no choice. They go out and steal their clothes from stores, or rob people of their belongings. They sneak into restaurants and consume other people’s food, or take some of their own without anyone noticing. When they're caught, they’re the bad guys, and they're the reason this world is coming to a horrible dream no one can escape.… the truth is, we are the cause.

3. Dirty Streets

It’s a known fact that everyone wants to be the best. They want the best looks, foods, clothing, and cities. Having people hanging around every corner of the block, begging people for their money, food, and clothes isn’t the most appealing to a tourist’s eyes. The more people there are on the streets, with nowhere to go, the dirtier we look as a city. The only way to clean the streets is to give them a place to stay. That doesn’t mean to bring strangers into your home, but to open up a shelter home for the homeless. Anyway, there are tons of unemployed people, why not pay them minimum wage to work and help out others in need? They can cook for them, give them nice warm beds to sleep in, and clean clothes for a while…

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****Please take 15 minutes out of your day to see some of the past/present homeless talk about thier stories and what it was/is like to live in such poor conditions**** (Gerald's Story will make your heart melt)

Calling Out For Help

Please Step Up, and Find a Way to Help

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