The U.S secret service

jordan reyes

Job Discreption

the secret service is a agency that is part of the U.S department of homeland security. There main priority is to protect the U.S president, the vice President and there immediate families. they are also in charge of investigating possible threats against the people they protect, currency counterfeiting, fanatical certifications, major fanatical crimes and identity theft and other mayors thefts.
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Salary Range

the salary range is from 25,000 to 70,000

employment prospects

there are 125 field officers and 2,100 special agents so the employment prospects are low because when someone gets in they stay in till they have to retainer. so the employment rate is very low and limited

Advancement Prospects

Secret Service Agents contently have to keep training to get more skill knowledge and experience on all areas, but only the best of the best get to be the supervisor.

the skills/traits requierd

need to know team work, but also how to work alone. Also need communication skills and writing skills. Another thing that is importer is being honest, trust worthy and responsible

education needed

need a bachelor's degree, or 3 years of work experience . If accepted you need academy training or filed training.
you can get bachelors at this to schools
Clemson university SC
university of Florida


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