by Timothy,Jancarlos

learn about blizzards

A blizzard is an extended, severe snowstorm. In order to qualify as a blizzard, winds have to be at least 35mph and rage for a longer period of time—at least three hours or more. The amount of snowfall has little to do with a storm qualifying as a snowstorm, but rather the intensity of the wind and length of time. There are two other classifications for blizzard

interesting facts about blizzards

A blizzard starts as a small snowfall then gets harder and the wind blows which starts to make a blizzard.

interesting facts about blizzards

A blizzard can last up to 5 days long thats why you need alot of water and food. Another fact is the winds of a blizzard is the same as a hurricane.A is a very powerful winter cyclone.

interesting facts about blizzards

he next horrible blizzard occurred in 1993. It affected the US and Canada. The massive size of blizzard destroyed 10 million power outages and killed 300 people.And it better for you to stay in a house