Alchol and the body

The consequences of drinking


An alcoholic beverage which contains fermented barely, corn, or rye. Beer mostly only contains about 4 percent alcohol.


This alcoholic beverage is made up of fermenting grapes and other fruits. Most wines are from 12 to 14 percent alcohol. there are also alike beverages such as wine coolers which range from 1.5 to 6 percent alcohol.

Alcohol enters the bloodstream in minutes.

About 20 percent of alcohol which a person drinks is actually absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach. The rest, is absorbed through the intestine walls. It moves quickly through the bloodstream after it is absorbed. The rest, leaves the body by urine.

Alchol affects every single cell of the body.

The liver can only process one drink an hour, if more than one drink is taken, the excess builds up. The alcohol in a drink goes to body tissues. As the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases the effects of the alcohol increase. The amount of alcohol in a person's blood is the blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

One Drink

An alcoholic beverage which contains one-half ounce of alcohol is what is considered one drink of alcohol. It is about the amount of one can of beer. Having more than this, is what causes BAC to rise. Alcohol is considered to be a toxin. which means, it is a poison. If too much of it is consumed, the stomach rejects it. Our bodies try to break down as quickly as possible therefore it will be gotten rid of. Large amounts of alcohol take a long time to leave the body, therefore people who drink a lot might still be "drunk" the next day after they have drunk a lot.

Factors that affect BAC

The amount of alcohol consumed affects BAC , the alcohol content of each of the drinks determines the effects it will have.

The speed at which the alcohol is consumed also affects the BAC drinking at a faster rate affects it greatly, it is dangerous and can be fatal. When alcohol is consumed at a very faster rate it is very dificult for the liver to break it down.

People that have a high body weight have a higher volume of blood the People with less body weight. The same amount of alcohol is more dangerous for People with less body weight.

Body fat absorbs less alcohol than lean body tissue. If a person has a higher percentage of body fat, the will hve a higher BAC after ond drinks than a person with lower percentage of body fat.

BAC raises faster in a female than in a male. This is because femal usually have a higher percentage of body fat. There are certain hormones which make femal more sensative to the affects of alcohol than men. Male also have more of a certain stomach enzyme which break down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream.

Feelings like stress, anger and fear can affects BAC as well it speeds up the time it takes alcohol to enters the blood stream.

Alcohol also passes easily into the bloodstream When the stomach is empty the When it is full.

If There are certain drugs in the bloodstream it increases the effects on alcohol. Tranquilizers and painkillers increases depressant effects of alcohol.

Elder people are very sensative to the effects of alcohol than younger people. This is because the bodies of younger People have a higher volume of blood than older people.

Noncarbonated drinks takes longer to passes into the blood stream than high carbonated drinks.

Drinking can be a hazing activity.

A hazing activity is an activity in which a person is forced to participate in. It is a dangerous or demeaning act to become a member of a club or group. Some teens have even died from this. Hazing activities are against the law. Hazing activities also violate the rules of most schools.

Drinking games are very hazardous and life threatening

Drinking alcohol quickly such as doing shots is espexially dangerous. Binge drinking is as well. Consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short amounts of time is Binge drinking.

BAC levels and consequences

BAC 0.2

The person is relaxed but socialness might have increased, might be more talkative. Decision making might come easier and less intelligent.

BAC 0.5

Impaired brain areas that are for reasoning and judgement. Feeling warm and confident. Muscular discordination, people might do things they do not usually do or say.

BAC .08-.10

Reasoning, judgment, self-control, Muscular cordination are all impared. Reasonable Decision can no longer be made. May claim not to be affected by alcohol. Considered seriously drunk in some states, speach is slurred and walking is staggered.

BAC .12

Confused and disoriented. Loss of balance. Become nausiated and vomit.

BAC .20

Emotions are very unpredictable and change very rapidly. May pass out .

BAC .30

Little or no control over their body and minds. Most people can not stay awake to reach this BAC.

BAC .40

Likely to be unconsious. Breathing and heartbeat are very slow. Death is possible.

BAC .50

People may enter a deep coma and DIE.