Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 12/1/15

Jeans and Smith shirts tomorrow!!!!

Celebrate Good Times . . . !!!

Congratulations across the campus on SO MUCH to CELEBRATE!!! Recent unit assessments in 3rd and 4th grade are LOOKING GOOD!!!

3rd grade math - 98% passing, 79% advance

3rd grade reading - 84% passing, 53% advanced - 2nd highest in district!!!!

4th grade reading - 81% passing, 59% advanced

More to come. . . AWARE decided to take a break!

Also - guided reading is looking strong in the classrooms. It has been awesome to hear everyone collaborate and share ideas of what is working well in your classrooms. Ipad implementation is a huge success!! Thank you for keeping the curriculum the focus when planning activities for the ipads. So much to share . . . more to celebrate soon!!

PLCs this week. . .

3rd and 4th grade: Math focus, bring laptop and any planning needs/materials

K, 1st, and 2nd: RTI, assessments (upcoming and MOY), bring laptop

Smith Family Change Challenge

We are continuing to celebrate Caring and Giving! If you would like to help with the Wylie Way Christmas join our Bulldog Change Challenge! See if we can Jam the jug with change (and dollars. The money will all go to support Jeremiah Hart and his family.

Monday-Pennies; Tuesday-Nickels; Wednesday-Dimes; Thursday-Quarters and Friday is Dollar Day!!

I'm so sorry!

You all were great about being flexible with computer lab times while we finished CogAT with the 3rd grade classes. I need your help, one more time. Kindergarten needs 45 minute time slots to administer a test. I have been in touch with several of you and each were sweet enough to let us use your lab time. Lab times for the next 2 weeks are posted outside the lab, as well as here. Be sure to look at your time to see if it has been altered in any way. Thank you so much!!!

Upcoming Assessments

NONE this week!



G1 U06 DPA 12/17

G4 U5 12/7-12/8


G2 U4 12/10-12/11

Have you checked it out???

Everyone has been doing an amazing job of posting great stuff on our blog! If you haven't had a minute to check it out, or maybe haven't read the last few posts, today is a great day to try it out! Who knows, you may find just the perfect idea for your next lesson!!!" Click here to view the updated blog. Be sure to add your email address to follow the blog!

On the Calendar

11/30-Penny Day

12/1 -Nickel Day

12/2 - Dime Day

12/2 - Wylie Way Relationships Day - Wear your Jeans and Smith shirts

12/3 - Quarter Day; Think College Thursday celebrates the University of Arkansas

12/4 - Dollar Day

12/4 - House Meetings

12/7 - Staff Meeting - Wear you favorite Christmas shirt and jeans

12/8 - 2nd grade field trip

12/11 - Bulldog Boogie

12/14 - Wylie Way Committee Meeting

12/15 - Christmas Concert by That Wylie Band - Time TBD

12/17 - Polar Express Day - Wear your pajamas

12/18 - Bulldog Boogie

12/18 - Campus Sing along 9:00 am

12/18 - Christmas Parties 9:30 am

12/18 - Early Release 12:30