Hay Vote for the Columbian Exchange

By: Shanira Sterling

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What is The Columbain Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is refers to a period of cultural and biological exchange between the new and old world. Exchange of plants,animals,diseases,and technology transformed Europeans and Native Americans ways of live.

So we had bad times but you can still vote

Entire population wipe out warfare and European diseases were small pox Why is it negative it's negative because some people died because of the diseases and it wipe out out most people.Also For the native people who thrived in the american's before the Europeans got there. that 's important because maybe because maybe in the past the the were hiding something that was important,.

We Had the bad now here comes the good

The good about the Columbian Exchange is Animals such as horses cattle were introduce to the Americans.This is important because this year we need thing like this we need milk and some people use horses to get to and from place to place. Europeans begin bringing products like bananas ,coffee,and tabacco .It's important because some people like fruits and that's what the Europeans brought to the Americans.

You need to vote for it

You need to vote for the Colmbian Exchange because without the Columbian Exchnage we wouldn't have fruits or animals so you should vote for the Columbian Exchange or if you don't all the food that you have will be gone so please vote for it And P.S (Don't listen to the other When They Say vote Against it )

You Have to listen

All the things are true what i said so you need to vote because you don't want to go to the same old boring thing you want to try some new things so vote even though the European had some diseases .