Big Red Football Game

Jocelyn Cheek


My name is Jocelyn Cheek and in my math class I am doing something called the Million Dollar Project. For my project I am going to a Big Red Cornhusker Football game.


The first thing I spent my money on is the tickets to get into the game. I bought 19 of them and each one of them cost $141.00. All together it would cost me $2,688.87. I found this information online at


Next I had to pay for transportation. I paid a limo driver to take us to the game which cost me $437.00. Then I had to pay them for taking us to the hotel and to take us home the next morning together that was $874.00. Those three added up equaled 40,103.49.

For Game

I bought cameras that where $85.99. Also I got 9 jerseys and kid jerseys too. We have 5 cornheads. Four flags for the limo. Four headbands and 11 hats. All of that equals $1,403.65.

At Game

I started of by all of the older kids and adults souvenir cups for $.4.00 each. The three little kids got kid cups $2.00 each. Everyone got a hot dog, popcorn, and candy. That together equaled $226.75.


My first room I paid for was for my grandma and grandpa for $539.92. The second room I bought three of for the other adults. The last room I also bought three of for all eleven of the grandkids. The seven rooms together equaled $1,860.97.