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March 27 Covid Quarantine Week 2, Again

My Office Hours

I will be on zoom most of the time from 8-3:30 at https://zoom.us/j/8153946674 and you are welcome to drop in and say hi! You can ask questions, share your screen, I can share my screen, we can chat, whatever! If I am not in, chances are I had another meeting. The DLCs are trying to meet each day as well. But if you check back in 15-30 minutes I should be there. :)

I am also setting up a chatroom in Google Hangouts for any questions you might have! Look for an invitation early next week.

I also have a meeting at 1:30 today :)

You are , as always, welcome to send emails with questions!

If you need help, please let me know.


From Student Information Services:

Good Morning Teachers:

With all of the Google Doc’s, the Q3 grade change links were buried! We appreciate the fantastic job you are all doing.

By April 2nd at 10PM: All Q3 grade changes are due,

The SIS team is processing all changes. (Data clerks, please do not feel responsible to do this)

Here are the links to the grade change forms. Please be sure you use the form that matches your grade levels taught:

High School Teachers use HS Grade Change Form to provide student grade change information



If you have a parent indicate they are withdrawing a student, please let them know that we cannot withdraw the student without completing the withdrawal process. Here is the information that needs to be shared. (This is on our web site as well)

Dear Parent,

All student withdrawals are being handled electronically at the district level. If you wish to withdraw your student from Frisco ISD during the school closure window, please complete this Withdrawal Request Form.

Also notify your new school to request records through TREx if they have access.

If not, please have the school email a records request to: ISEnrollment@friscoisd.org.

Thank You,

Frisco ISD Enrollment

Resetting Student Passwords

If one of your students needs his/her password reset, have them login to the student portal and click the password reset tuile and follow the directions. This can be done from home.

Canvas Usage Reports

If you are using Canvas and you want to know if a student has been in your course accessing things, working on assignments etc. Maybe you just need data to show if students are in there. We have an easier way to make that happen.

First, click here to make your own copy of the spreadsheet.

There are very specific directions on the front page of the spreadsheet and you must follow them carefully. You can also watch this video walkthrough to see it in action.Thanks to Kristy McCoy, Staley MS DLC for making this happen!

Polly Bot in Google Chat

If you are using Google Chat Hangouts we have now enabled Polly bot for you to use in there! Polly bot allows you to create a poll in the chat for your participants. Click here for how to use PollyBot!

New Additions to e-Learning document

We have had some exciting additions to the eLearning document. Some of these are tools that you already have used and we now have the upgraded versions for free. Instructions vary, but you can get those on the document (see the button at the top of this page)

Tools on the list include:

  • Kami
  • Gimkit
  • Nearpod (you probably got an email when I added you)
  • PearDeck
  • NewsELA
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot
  • Brainpop
  • CamScanner
  • EdPuzzle
  • Flipgrid
  • EduCreations

New Students

If you get a brand new student to Frisco ISD (and we are enrolling some new kiddos), it may take 2 days for them to get access to all their accounts (Canvas, Google, etc. )

You are welcome to share this document with them to help them out which is an overview of all of the main tech tools we use.

Student Tech Support

You guys are the students' first line of defense for tech support, and I know you may need help fielding those questions.

1- Students have some troubleshooting kinds of things available - have them go to the student portal and click on the Tech Help button. ALternatively they can get there via the FISD web site under the student section, scroll to the bottom and look under T for Tech Support.

2- Don't forget to check out the Digital Melting pot. bit.ly/digmeltpot for something that may help

3- If students are struggling with equipment issues, in particular with Chromebooks we issued them, they can call 469-633-6222 between 8-4 M-F.

4- Please reach out and let me know if you have issues that you can't solve, because I am happy to help!

Please see info regarding additional wireless installs at schools:

The FISD Technology department has added some extra Wi-FI coverage in parking lots for students or staff that may need to drive up and use it.

  • Allen ES- 2 WAPs added for front driveway/parking lot coverage
  • Anderson ES- 2 WAPs added in back of campus, parking lot near POD 1 and 2
  • Career and Technical Education- 3 WAPs added to F-Hall (SE part of building), and Print Center (NW potion of building)
  • Corbell ES- 2 WAPs added for front driveway/parking lot coverage
  • Gunstream ES- 2 WAPs added for front driveway/parking lot coverage
  • Heritage HS- 3 WAPs added for front and side of C-Hall (front-right wing and SE part of building)
  • Lone Star HS- 3 WAPs added to D-Hall and Library (West and NW part of the building)
  • Ogle ES- 2 WAPs added for front driveway/parking lot coverage
  • Rogers ES- 2 WAPs added for front driveway/parking lot coverage
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